In the mid 1990s, a journalist from The Toronto Star described Stella as a fashion plate. 

She hasn't lived it down.  Such a burden. 
Such a dismal responsibility. Such a lot of work for her chiropractor dealing with that bended elbow!
Swooning in Sarasota, Florida.
Paparazzi shot this candid shot with unknown vegetation near Whitby, Ontario.
Stella Walker (55) and Jim Campbell (96) posing on the gravel carpet.
Jim made his own hat.
 Saturna Island, British Columbia.

On the runway in a light industrial area of Toronto
Fashion Plate

Sometimes a fashion trend is misleading.

Always wear your hat at a jaunty angle.

Antennae are trendy on this spring's runways.

A scarf will set you back a few decades.

Sometimes a Datsun B210 is a refreshing accessory.
Vintage Fashion Catalogue
Sporting the latest in the "I Heart Lemurs" line of sportswear, 
with Dorothy, volunteer
Lady Minto Hospital Thrift Store
Saltspring Island, British Columbia
Photo by Jennifer Walker