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NOTE: We are not interested in large forks. For large fork societies please continue your internet search.  We are a Giant Fork membership-based club.  

Our Giant Fork Archival Team requires specific information on the location, dimensions, material, and providence of each Giant Fork under consideration for application to our Giant Fork Worldwide Locator (under development pending funding). 

If your fork is deemed to be of the Giant Fork variety, and you are accepted into S.G.F., our treasurer Mrs. Henry de Bing Boxgloves ("Cookie") will be in touch with you with further details.

The SGF is not a registered charity. In fact, SGF is struggling. Our bowling league is still looking for a sponsor. 

Membership gives you unlimited access to our Society of the Giant Fork Worldwide Locator.  (Under development)and Giant Fork activities of our members.

NOTE: What the S.G.F. is NOT.
We are not a dating service, political party or contemporary art movement.

We are not a rental service for giant cutlery for events featuring fictional giants in children's literature, contary to an article stating as much in the periodical New England's Own Giant Cutlery Quarterly.  Bastards.


Stella Walker
Head of the Table
Toronto Chapter
The Society of the Giant Fork International
Ellen Vesterdal,
Music Director 
College Street United Church 
presenting Stella Walker with a Giant Fork
Summer 2014
Stella Walker with Giant Fork
The Society of the Giant Fork

If you have found a Giant Fork (at least four feet in length or width) please send your photo of the suspect Giant Fork (use the "Contact Us" button above.)

Include a brief description of the fork.  

If you have not yet located a Giant Fork, you may become a member of the club. Simply write a twenty word explanation of why you feel you are a good fit for our club.

Upon approval, members of S.G.F. receive an official S.G.F. membership card, which fits into most wallets. 

 Activities of our members will be featured here.
​The Society of the Giant Fork 

was created in 2014 to bring awareness to the existence, preservation and identification of Giant Forks worldwide.


 What is a giant fork?

 A Giant Fork must measure four feet in length or width according to standards laid out by the GFML (Giant Fork Measuring League)

 Why do you capitalize the words "giant fork"?

 Names of countries and cities are capitalized, and we don't see any reason why giant cutlery should not be capitalized.  Giant Forks are culturally and cutlerally big.

 If I join SGF, how will I know that the membership card will fit in my wallet?  You claim here that the card fits in "most" wallets.  How can you make this claim?

 We confidently claim that membership cards to SGF will fit in most wallets, or that a reasonable person could conclude that our membership card would fit in a standard sized wallet.