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Stellavision – The 3D World of Stella Walker

Show times: 8PM Saturday night

October 27, November 3, November 24
Doors open 7.45

The John Candy Box Theatre
99 Blue Jays Way - 3rd Floor

This venue is entirely accessible

Tickets are $25 including HST
Available online or by phone
Box office (416) 340-7270

Stella Walker, The Goddess of Oddness, continues her comedic quest to make sense of her multi-faceted life story in this new one-woman musical comedy.

Written and Performed by Stella Walker
With material and dramaturgy by Andy Jones
Directed and dramaturged by John Mitchell
Stage Management and Lighting - Andrew Dollar
Costume - Alison Conway

Stellavision - The 3D World of Stella Walker
 is suitable for ages 9 to 119. 

Tickets available here:

Listen to "Teach Me to Play the Piano Mr. Stein"
Words and Music: Stella Walker SOCAN
Sung by Stella Walker, Waylen Miki at the piano.

photo credit: Jennifer Walker 
Stella Walker examines identity,
 heritage and continuity, free will versus determinism, spirituality and cultural appropriation. 

 It’s a comedy.