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Stellavision – The 3D World of Stella Walker

We just finished 
the first Toronto production of Stellavision

October 27, November 3, November 24 2018
The John Candy Box Theatre
99 Blue Jays Way

Now we're editing a video and aiming to take it on the road.

Stella Walker, The Goddess of Oddness, continues her comedic quest to make sense of her multi-faceted life story in this new one-woman musical comedy.

Written and Performed by Stella Walker
With material and dramaturgy by Andy Jones
Directed and dramaturged by John Mitchell
Stage Management and Lighting - Andrew Dollar
Costume - Alison Conway

Stellavision - The 3D World of Stella Walker
 is suitable for ages 9 to 119. 

photo credit: Jennifer Walker 
Stella Walker examines identity,
 heritage and continuity, free will versus determinism, spirituality and cultural appropriation. 

 It’s a comedy.  

Stella Walker is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist